Atelier PECLAT+CHOW architecture is driven by an unique, tactile and timeless quality.

At first glance some might reduce the practice aesthetics to minimalism. However, as the balance of textures, temperatures, and elements are revealed, a calm and serene architectural space arises. At long last, one may notice the Atelier essentialist approach — where every element is essential, and plays a fundamental role to the harmonious outcome.

A relentless effort is put throughout the design process. Assembling essential matters such as light, textures, voids, volumes, proportions, and rhythm, in a delicate and precise fashion is key to accomplish the qualities which the Atelier seeks. The philosophy in every project, despite its scale, is to achieve a nature of presence and permanence, evoking emotions and the user’s perception about oneself, whilst reinforcing an intimate relationship with the architecture.

The Atelier PECLAT+CHOW applies a very intimate and unique philosophy into every aspect of the designing process. The practice pursues the idea of the project as an entity where every single element — ranging from a modest door handle design to a sophisticated transition of materials — is not only essential but must be taken into consideration. Working across different mediums, such as sketches, physical models, 3D’s, and prototypes, the Atelier’s approach is often described as a artisan take on every phase of the design continuum.

Ultimately, architecture should act as a background for life itself potentializing human interactions, and the sensorial humanistic relationship with its surroundings elements. Yet, like all the arts, time is imperative in order to achieve a soulful, touching and harmonious architecture.



Alfredo Peclat, Gabriela Chow, Luiz Pataro, Carolina Wieck, Rodrigo Rossi


Fernanda Corsini


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